Painted Father's Day Plate - fired ceramics!

Painted Father’s Day Plate

Painted Father's Day Plate - fired ceramics!

Here’s the perfect dad gift – a painted Father’s Day plate! What makes it special is that it is made by you.
Here are the supplies for when you visit you local paint-on-pottery studio:

Duncan Bisque Classic Paper Plate

Duncan Concepts:  CN 074 Really Red – CN 302 Bright Caribbean-CN 032 Bright Butternut – CN 244 Really White – CN 292 Bright Purple- CN253 Black

French Dimensions: Black (for outlining

Brushes: SB 803 No. 4 Liner – SB 802 No. 1 Liner – SB 811 No. 8 Round – SB 807 No. 6 Fan Glaze

Other: Clay carbon paper – foam plates or foil – water – pencils w/ erasers – sponge – template

Wipe bisque with damp sponge to remove any dust. Use template, clay carbon paper and pencil to transfer image to the center of the plate.

Painted Father's Day Plate - fired ceramics!

Fill in designs with desired colors, three coats, let dry between each coat.

Painted Father's Day Plate - fired ceramics!

Outline the designs with black French Dimensions.

Painted Father's Day Plate - fired ceramics!

Paint the back of the plate with three coats of Duncan concepts, as well as the box, inside and out. Let dry completely and add two-three layers of Duncan Pure Brilliance Clear Glaze. Let dry and fire at Cone 06.

Father's Day template by Crafty Chica.

Love & light,

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