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Next to “How big is your glitter collection?” – the one question I’m often asked is “How do I get my blog to take off? What do I have to do?”

We all know that is more than a one-word answer. It’s a four-week workshop! I’ve always wanted to offer this course, but once fall rolls around, my time is zapped. So, hello summertime! Last July I taught the publicity class and I loved the experience! Connecting with bloggers from different businesses and backgrounds, I feel I learned as much as them! The best part? Many of us keep in touch and even see each other at conventions and such.

This time, it’s all about boosting your blog! This class will start August 8th, and I’ll operate it out of the exclusive Crafty Chica Classroom (my ning site).

About me and why I’m equipped to teach this course:
1. I spent 13 years working in the newsroom at The Arizona Republic as a clerk, reporter and eventually a nationally syndicated columnist for movies and crafts. I know all about curating content, writing headlines, editing and brainstorming ideas.

2. I launched CraftyChica.com in 2001 and it has grown so much throughout the past eleven years. It’s taken me to places I never dreamed of and has lead to many exciting opportunities. Not to mention my own product line, becoming a book author, and appearing on cool craft shows on HGTV and Threadbanger… and others! I’ve spent many hours experimenting with new ideas and processes. I’ve had successes and fails, and am proud of them all!

3. I’ve been marketing my handmade art since 1990 – designing, making, and even sourcing out to manufacturers. Not only do I know the indie side of running a business and blog, I also work in the huge professional craft and publishing industry. I’ve had to learn how to walk the fine line of being carefree on my blog, but not looking like a three-eyes derphead.

None of this fell in my lap. I’ve spent many hours working on my blog, staying in tune to changes in the landscape, networking, monetizing, all of it. There’s a LOT to digest and I know it can be overwhelming.

I’m going to break all of this down throughout four weeks. I’ll have a PDF lesson plan for you each week, a worksheet, links to helpful resources, plus a 15-20 minute video of my spilling out all I know on that week’s topic.

It’s going to be a MEGA info overload, but because it is an online class, you can take it in at your own pace. Some people follow along each week, others do it all at the end. NOTE: I will leave all the content up in the classroom indefinitely, even after the course ends.

Here is the general curriculum for this course (once you pay and register, you’ll receive a detailed curriculum):

WEEK ONE: Foundation. These are all the components that your blog needs to have. I’ll explain everything from your mission statement to brand strategy, road map, labels, bio, tagline, trends, basics of how a blog should look.

WEEK TWO: Eye candy. These days, blogs are all about the pictures and design. I’ll walk you through what makes a good image, how to resize it, crop, add filters, lighting, branding, text and captions. I’ll also do the same for making videos. I’ll also talk about the yes and no-nos of blog design (banners, sidebars, ads, video players).

WEEK THREE: Content that wows. It’s time to stop saying “I don’t know what to blog about!” I’ll give you a laundry list of ideas. We’ll also learn about writing great tutorials, running contests, comments, writing headlines, editing, series, and more.

WEEK FOUR: Engagement. This is all about social networking and what is happening RIGHT NOW. You’ll learn about tagging, hashmarks, getting your page views and unique visitor numbers up, mailing lists, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Pinterest. I’ll also go into monetizing.

This is a course for people who are serious about upping their game when it comes to blogging. Some of you may not even have a blog yet but want to start one, that’s fine. We’ll go over that in week one!

This is how it works:

1. You purchase the class below at the PayPal button. Within 48 hours, you’ll receive a welcome email and an invite to the the Crafty Chica Classroom. You accept that invite and go into the classroom and create your profile. This is a great way to promote your brand, blog and business! Add photos and friends, have fun and hang out!

2. Next, you’ll receive an email invite to the HOW TO SHINE ONLINE workshop room. This is a password protected classroom to prevent any party crashers! Yes, I get them!

3. You accept the invite and boom! You’re in the classroom. I’ll have the first lesson and video posted every Wednesday evening from August 8-29th (usually around 7 pm PT). The last night, the 29th, I’ll do a livestream video so class members can ask me questions right there on the spot.

Our classroom also has a message board, so you can post your completed homework assignments for me and others to read and give feedback, or not. You can chat about whatever you want that pertains to the class – questions, ideas, comments, etc.

NOTE: This is a paid class and part of my income as a working artist, therefore everything is password and copyright protected, please be cool and not spread the goods around. No linking, sharing, copying, filming, transferring, etc. I would do the same for you if I took your class 🙂 Good karma and all that!

REFUNDS are available up until one-hour before the first class begins.

Those who sign up by Monday, July 9th, 2012 will find a special treat waiting for them in the HOW TO SHINE ONLINE classroom!

Sign me up for SHINE, $99.

About the Crafty Chica classroom:


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  1. Hi Kathy,

    Will you have a limit as to the number of people you’ll allow in the class? I don’t have $99 right now…I’ll need to save out of a couple paychecks…I don’t want to miss out!

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