La Jefa Mug

La jefa – loud and proud!
La Jefa Mug #craftychica #lajefa
I designed this mug for all the hard-working chicas out there who are putting their dreams into action. On one side, this mug tells the world who you are LA JEFA!
But on the other side, it has an affirmation for YOU – BUILDING MY EMPIRE. I even wrote on the inside “I can do this.”
Building My Empire Mug #craftychica #affirmation #solopreneur
This is a 16-ounce mug – great for a lotta coffee or just to hold your favorite pens or whatever!

The ultimate mug for any mujer working hard to build her company and dreams!

Signed by the artist (me!) under the handle.

It measures 4 ½” H x 4 ¼” Dia.

Fired ceramic piece, went through seven hours in my kiln! Food safe.

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