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Mexi-Boho Fabric and Yarn Wrapped Frames


All this week I’m in Chicago at the Summer Craft and Hobby Show. By the time you’re reading this, I’m already set in motion of a crazy day – I’m not complaining, I’m loving every minute! First I have to set up my crafty couture art gown I made (will post pics soon!). Next, I’m teaching this frame workshop, and later in the day, I’m on a social media panel. And the conference hasn’t even started – it kicks off tomorrow! Here are the instructions for the two techniques I’m teaching for the frames!

1. Yarn swirls. Add glue to surface.
Start by pressing yarn in place then swirl around.
It’ll look like this, keep going in different colors and directions and patterns.
Technique 2: Cut fabric strips to 1-1/2×4″, you’ll also need Fabric Fusion and embroidery thread.
Add a line of glue along the inside long area and roll the fabric piece lengthwise. Do several of these.
Join the ends together with the glue, so you have one long strand.
Tie embroidery thread at the end and wrap around the fabric. Use different colors!
You can incorporate both techniques into a project, or use them separately!

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