Photos from CHA Chicago!

For the second time, Cathie Filian and I ended up on the same flight! We swapped seats so we could sit together. The guy next to her, curled up in a ball and slept in the opposite direction. For reals!

This is how it is at CHA, I had three big events/projects on the first day and had to pack a specific emergency kit for each one!

Here is my room right before they let people in for my workshop. I was nervous, but it wore off fast. We had a blast making our frames!

One of my student’s finished frames! Gorgeous!

Getting ready for the social media panel, I flipped the page and thought I saw a picture of my dad – it turned out to be me!

My name on the big screen! Squeal moment! Thank you, FaveCrafts!

Another frame from one of my students!

PattieWack, helping me fix my dress for the display. She saved the day!

My dress, just about done and ready to be left alone!

Wasitband! I used some very special yarn that Diana Gonzalez of Arte y Poemas hand spun for me! It was so beautiful and it was an honor to have it on my dress!

Here I am in the Westcott booth, making  a T-shirt! Tutorial coming soon!

BIG NEWS! Pattie, myself and Alexa all all winners in the Crafty Couture Challenge!

Mr. Tacky kept stalking me, but that’s ok, I love him!

One of the pins I made in our booth.

Goofing around at the party.

Wearing my Cha Cha earrings!

Susan with her new book: Simple Beginnings: Beading: A Step-by-Step Guide for Creating Your Own Custom Jewelry (Design Originals) by Suzann Sladcik Wilson

Margot Potter, looking pretty fly!

Alexa and me with Jonathan Fong!

Last night – we all went for pizza!

Love & light,

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