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HOW TO: Make a Silk Flower Curtain!

Everyone needs a silk flower curtain in their life! Many years ago, I was at a friend’s (Teresa Villegas!) having lunch and fell in love with a beautiful silk flower curtain she made. She said all she did was tear apart dollar store silk flowers and hot glue them together. What a fabulous way to cover a window, divide a room or create a photo backdrop.

How to make a silk flower curtain

I never forgot it this idea, it made me so happy. So much that I needed one…or two or three for my own home! These days, I’ve given it my own twist, but there is no way around it – this is one flowery statement. Try it, it’s a blast to make and even better to admire. I made a video of the one I made, I hope you like it and make one for your house too!


YouTube video

Supplies to make a silk flower curtain:

About 6 dozen silk flowers

Hot glue mat

Hot glue


Silicone finger protectors

Directions to make a silk flower curtain:

Remove all the stems and leaves from the flowers. Sort the flowers by color and by size. Decide how wide you want your curtain to be and then glue the edges of the pedals together end to end all the way across. Keep gluing all the way down for as long as you want it. You can also add gems, butterflies or whatever else you want to embed in the curtain!

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IDEAS for your silk flower curtain:

Mix up all the flower types and colors.

Glue them in rainbow order.

Glue them in ombre order.

My Day at Make Meaning

Interview with designer Stephen Brown


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