Painted oilcloth shoes

Oilcloth-inspired hand painted shoes

Painted oilcloth shoes

These oilcloth-inspired hand painted shoes are because I love Mexican oilcloth! I’ve been wanting to recreate the look on something wearable but wanted a bit of practice before I dove into a big piece. I bought these heels at the thrift store and knew they would be perfect for my trial run!

Here is how to paint oilcloth-inspired flowers!

Painted oilcloth shoes supplies


Tulip Soft® Fabric Paint in assorted brights (you’ll need more than what is shown in the picture above): you’ll need a light shade and a darker shade of each color (or you can mix with white).

Tulip Soft® Fabric Paint in black and white.
NOTE: I use the Tulip Soft Paints because they are formulated for fabric, the paint grips the textile. If you use regular craft paint, your flowers will crack and peels when you wear the shoes!
– Fine liner brush.
– Medium brush.
– Water.
– Brush-on varnish.
– Fine grade sandpaper if your surface is super slick (vinyl, patent leather)
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This is the pattern of oilcloth I used. Study the flowers! See how everything has a white background? You’ll need to paint this layer first, using your medium brush.
TIP: If your fabric surface is super slick, lightly sand the areas you are going to paint. This will help the paint grip even better!
Oilcloth-inspired shoes in progress.

Keep it going!

This is what my shoes looked after I added the white. I added designs for flowers and greenery.
Next, you want to fill in with a LIGHT base color. Light blue, light pink, light yellow, etc…

TIP: Don’t paint all the way to the edge of the white. You want to leave a border of white, this is what will make it look like real oilcloth.

Painted oilcloth shoes in progress.

Painted oilcloth shoes

Let the light base colors dry and then using your fine liner brush, use the DARKER shade of color to add thin strokes going out to the edges of the petals. If you feel frisky, add a third darker color in the center.

Next, add thin black strokes.

If you feel really frisky, add a center bud, repeating the process – light, dark strokes, black strokes.

Painted oilcloth-inspired shoes Painted oilcloth-inspired shoes.

The last step is to use a head pin to add white dots in the center of each flower. Let dry and add a coat of varnish to all the painted areas.

Oilcloth-inspired handpainted shoes


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