Incorporating "new."

Some of our new finds at last night’s event.

He said he wanted to try something new and he meant it.

“I signed up and joined this new art collective, our first show is August 9th,” Patrick informed me last month.

The group is RAW: Natural Born Artists.  I had heard of the group before, and I admit, I had been curious. It would be a a 100% new market and audience for his work, we didn’t know any of the other artists. To me, that’s exciting!

Patrick went about this one on his own. He booked it, went to the meetings, did all the promo, sold tickets and legwork. All the stuff I automatically do. He said it was because he knew I already had a full plate and he wanted to learn the art of marketing too. Impressive!

This was his project, his time to shine. Last night was the big event. I went as his assistant and wifey. I got to shop while he manned his area. Held at Martini Ranch, a Scottsdale nightclub, there were about a dozen artists and designers, three bands, a fashion show and all kinds of other highlights. We had such a great time. I loved seeing his face all prideful and beaming with pride.

This was a whole new gig for him. He didn’t sell any paintings but did take deposits on custom works and gained a slew of new names for our mailing list. Not only that, he met a gob of new musicians and we got to chat with other artists about life, art and raising kids. Did I mention the carne asada with blue cheese quesedillas?

My lesson to share is to embrace “new.” Take a risk, dare yourself be the new girl or guy. Start all over and see how you fare. It keeps your spirit fresh, it makes you feel alive and tingly!

Here are links to the Arizona artists and businesses we met, please visit their links and show them some love!
DeadMeat Designs

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