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Mexi-Boho Composition Book


I love back-to-school season, mostly because of the .99 composition books (actually you can score them even cheaper!). I used my Mexi-Boho technique to add new life to this one.
Here’s is how I did it:
You’ll need one blank journal, assorted trims, crystal trim, a craft knife and Aleene’s® Fabric Fusion® Peel and Stick Tape™ .
– Open the book flat, covers facing up
– Measure and cut the trim so it goes across the entire book.
-Set out your trim in an order that you like. I love contrast, but if you look close, you can see I used gold as a repeating theme in the pattern. \
– Apply the tape to the book all the way across, rub it down with your fingers and then peel off the backing.
– Apply the ribbon/trim along the sticky side.
– Keep going, when you get the composition part, use your craft knife or scissors to cut away, so that title still shows. That is what really gives the book character!
– Add trim around the frame of the title and set the crystal trim in place. If the tape is too wide, cut it in half before applying.
– Use your fingers to pres the trim in place.
– Trim edges.

NOTE: “Mexi-Boho” is a term I’ve come up with to describe my style of crafting! It’s Bohemian, Mexi style!

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2 thoughts on “Mexi-Boho Composition Book”

  1. firedemenglehHi everyone!
    I’ve used these books for a gazillion years because I’m a lefty – and they are just perfect for writing in because they lay flat!

    I have painted and primped them – but never with glitter – love this! What I have done is made wonderful removable canvas covers for them though and painted on them. One of these days I’ll share them if Ms. Crafty Chica can show me how!

    Have a craft filled day!


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