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Tie Dye as Wood Stain

Mixed Media Color Wood Stain on CraftyChica.com

Have you ever thought of tie dye as wood stain? This is a technique I’ve been wanting to try for a while! Tulip Tie-Dye on wood. I love how it came out, check out my video at the bottom of the post for the tutorial! Mixed Media Tutorial: Fabric Dye as Wood Stain

I made these pieces for a friend that loves prickly pear cacti. I was able to create a rough but colorful look for this project. I’m so happy with how it turned out. Are you excited to try it?!

Here’s what you’ll need for tie dye as wood stain:

Get Crafty!

First things first, start by drawing the image then cut out from the contact paper using your crafty knife cutting tool. Make sure you are using your craft mat to make sure you don’t cut through your table top. Once you cut out the design, set aside and grab the Tuplie tie-dye kit. 

Mixed Media Painting on Wood step 1 image on CraftyChica.com

Prepare the dyes by adding water into the bottles, shake and pour into cups to get ready to paint! 

Preparing tie-dye paint for mixed media art project on Craftychica.com

Grab your wood canvas and paint in your background. Allow to dry then take your cut out from your contact paper and remove from sticky back and stick to the dried wood. 

Mixed Media wood cacti DIY on CraftyChica.com

Then begin painting. Inside Tip: Do not to oversaturate the paper with the dye, because it will bleed through the paper and you’ll loose the shape of the prickly pear cacti sticker. Once you are done with the background, let it dry and then peel off the sticker for the next steps.

Mixed media painting on CraftyChica.com

Outline the outside of the cacti and bring out the foil tape for the edges. Add the final embellishments on your art piece and let dry. 

Mixed Media Cacti plant on CraftyChica.com

Watch the video for the complete tutorial! 


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