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What’s bubbling in my world…

I tried to use rollers to smooth out my hair before heading to Dallas last week, but it only made it curlier! It’s all good though, I had a great trip and my locks cooperated!

It’s time for one of those “This is what’s filling my brain” updates! LOTS. Ready?

1. Remember all this – and then THIS? Ugh. It’s a time period I don’t ever want to return. Well, this boy is trying to creep back in Maya’s life. It put her on edge because, first love, he broke her heart, etc… those feelings linger forever. Patrick and I practically held our breath to see how she would handle this. She had been on edge these past few days, not her normal happy self. We knew why, but she didn’t want to admit it, then finally she realized the truth. Without any input from us, last night she made the decision to 100% step away from the situation and have nothing to do with this guy ever again. Right now, at this point in time, he’s not a good match for her – her words, not mine! When she told us her decision, Patrick replied, “Turn out the lights to your house, lock the gate, close the curtains, make it look like no one is home and he’ll go away.” We do a lot of metaphorical lectures around here. #teammaya

Earlier this month when I was at BlogHer, there were a LOT of mommy bloggers. However, I couldn’t find any there were blogging about that 18-23 age group. I feel like this era of parenting is just as tough as when the kids were in grade school. The problems are deeper and there are a lot more emotions involved. DeAngelo has had two jobs  he loved and both businesses closed down and he is looking for something new. We’re helping him with his resume and practicing interview questions, all that. He’s starting to get discouraged, but won’t give up. I’m so proud of his positive attitude! #proudparent

2. Reality show? Eeek, I have big people interested in shooting and pitching a Crafty Chica reality show. It’s been around a while, but I never acted on it out of fear. Reality shows freak me out. Now that it’s front and center, I really had to do a lot of soul searching to decide if I wanted to move forward. I made a list of what I would and wouldn’t do. My entire mission of Crafty Chica is to “promote positivity through creativity.” Anything that doesn’t fit that mission, ain’t gonna happen. I crafted my show idea, along with some help with some friends in the business, and we’ll see what happens. I know these shows are a long shot, but if it’s meant to be, it’ll go through, if not, I’m sure I’ll have gained priceless experience and education on what it takes to storyboard, shoot and pitch a TV series. #ohmygah

3. Michaels! My new product offerings are set to release on September 7th! It’s all Dia de los Muertos fabric irons ons and appliques! I’m working to put together a mini-tour of California Michaels stores again. I’m waiting to hear from sponsors to get me there and back. Stay tuned!

OK, so here is a funny story about Michaels. Here in Phoenix, we have our neighborhood store where I always shop. I love connecting with people, especially the employees. But at this store, they are not having it. Every time I enthusiastically wave or say hi, they do not respond at all. So I just go about my business, no worries! Well, let’s rewind to last year’s Michaels Leadership Conference. It’s an event in Dallas where all the Michaels managers attend to learn about all the products they sell in their store. They meet in their local groups and work this trade show as a unit. The place is flooded with these groups from all over the U.S. and Canada. Last year I was demoing my Crafty Chica line that was going to be in the above-mentioned neighborhood store, and all I kept thinking was how exciting it would be to see the staff come through so I could show them my products! I was in the middle of demoing to a large group when I saw the local team walk by.

“Whooo! 602! Phoenix Michaels!” I cheered as I pumped my fists in the air. Everyone turned to look at who I was shouting to – and the local team, gave me a funky look and kept walking.

All the crowd in front of me murmured stuff like “Aw, that was a diss!”

I was so embarrassed! I didn’t go back to that store for months. Not one to hold a grudge, I let it go and started shopping there again.

This year the SAME THING HAPPENED this week at the Leadership Conference! Talk about feeling like a complete goober! They didn’t even wave back at me or raise an eyebrow. It was like I had three heads, dripping with bloody goo. This time it was an even bigger crowd.

Bottom line, Kathy? (Yes, I am writing this to myself and to you too)
Girl, you can’t please everyone. Rather than try to win over people who have no interest, focus on the ones who are super supportive, which there were a lot of! I had many store managers from all over the country make a plea for me to visit their store for a demo. Those are the stores I’m going to give attention to and celebrate! #fingersnapsintheair #classicmiddlechildexperience

4. Online blog class is rocking! I have about 40 students right now and we are half way through the course. I’m still taking enrollments. It doesn’t matter that we are two weeks in, the class materials stay up forever. BUT if you want one-on-one feedback and coaching from me, definitely sign up before the end of the session. i’m only saying this because my consulting fees outside of the class are kind of pricey, so this is a great way to get coaching at an affordable fee. I’m spending a lot of time and energy on the lesson plans and workbooks, at the end you’ll have a whole e-Book on making a better blog! Here is where you can sign up. #pleasejoinus

Well, that about sums things up. There’s more but that will be for another day! I’ll leave you with a video that Maya made of our trip to NYC!

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