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I started painting and selling mugs in 2012 to celebrate my love of coffee and crafts! They range from 12-ounces to 16-ounces and come in a variety of themes and shapes. I sketch each one, then use ceramic underglazes on bisque, glaze them to make them food safe and then fire them to a shiny, brilliant finish. Each comes signed and with an official Crafty Chica tag. In the first holiday season, I created sold almost 300 mugs, and that was just for local orders! To date, I’ve made and sold well over a 1,000 mugs since I started!

I did have them in Phoenix at The Purple Lizard Boutique, The Phoenix Art Museum and Changing Hands bookstore, but they are all sold out. I’ll be restocking soon.

If you are a retail shop and would like to place a wholesale order, contact me here. The sooner the better! If you want to buy some as gift or for personal use, stay tuned, I’ll post here on my blog when I have a new batch to sell online! you can also request a custom order if you want your name or a specific theme.

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