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Make a Chalkboard Door!

This is one of those projects you see one someone else’s blog and think “Oh my gosh, I am so doing that this weekend!” That’s what happened to me and how I came to make a chalkboard door!

That’s exactly how it went down. I saw PearMama’s post about the beautiful chalkboard door her husband made for her and I flipped in excitement.

Here is how I did it: 


Denise Cortes’ Chalkboard door, isn’t it sweet?

Now, with all the product line stuff going on, I’m supposed to be prepping for the tour, but ever since I saw Denise’s project, I couldn’t walk past our kitchen door without thinking, “Go get the chalkboard paint, Kathy!”

Finally, on a whim, I went full throttle. I didn’t even measure, or use painter’s tape, I just sprayed a big ol’ square on that sucker.

My plan was to hang a chunky glittered frame around it, which I almost did, but Patrick talked me out of it (“What if that heavy frame falls on one of the dogs?!”)

TIP By “Professional Crafter” Chica: Clean your door, make sure it’s dry before adding the chalkboard paint. If you want clean edges, use blue painter’s tape to block the area that you don’t want covered. Apply one coat, let it dry, then add a second coat. Repeat one more time so you have three even coats. I went kamikaze style because I planned to mount a frame and thought it would cover the blurry edges…but it didn’t quite work out that way, so I did the best with what I had. By the way, I LOVED how it turned out!

I used my CraftyChica™ paints and did a bunch of swirls around the border, and then accented it all with gold Tulip 3D Fashion Paint!

Here it is after I wiped off the old note and added a new one. Nice and vibrant!

 Special thanks to PearMama for the idea! You inspired me!

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