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Party Favor Gum Packs!

As you know – I’m one of those folks who sees EVERYTHING as an opportunity for a makeover. Even gum packs! When I came across these nifty packages of Trident Layers gum, I knew it was time to whip out the scrapbook paper. There will be mucho parties happening in the coming months, and how cool would it be to make these party favor for your guests? You can match the colors to your party, or use messages or quotes or pictures to go with whatever theme you’ll be using. The guest takes the packet home or carries it in their purse or pocket or car’s glove compartment and every time they go to get a piece of gum, they’ll be reminded of your party!
Here’s how I made them:

Not only that, but if you use Trident, your happy message will match the cute ad campaign they have going on right now… 

“Trident is the spark that ignites a journey connecting you to the positivity you’ve always had inside..”

Anything positive, I’m all game!

I used scrapbook paper, a glue stick and scissors. That’s it! Visit TridentGum.com to see more about their products! These are the packs I used: Layers Peach + MangoLayers Wild Strawberry + Tangy Citrus Layers Juicy Berry + Tangy Tangerine

This is part of a sponsored campaign with Latina Mom Bloggers and TRIDENT. However, all opinions expressed are my own.

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  1. Mmmmm. gum. I love this post because it shows us how to take everyday items we may take for granted and make them special. 🙂 The Crafty Chica papers make it so quick!! I covered a plain calendar with scrapbook paper and washi tape. It’s so much cooler now, but still needs more layers. 🙂


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