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Record Album Bookends

Remember last  year when I blogged about the lady who gave me boxes of old albums? I still have them and I’m still finding ways to use them! Next up – Record Album Bookends! Here’s how to make them!


Materials Needed:
Aleene’s® Tacky Double-Stick Sheets
Aleene’s® Tacky Dot Singles™
Aleene’s® Aliphatic Wood Glue
Miscellaneous Supplies
2 pieces of wood, 7×6”
1 record album LP
Assorted gems
Heat gun
Old scissors
Blue painter’s tape
Craft paint

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1.     Paint the wood pieces and let dry.
2.     Line up the edges of the wood to create a “L” shape, add wood glue where the ends meet and use the tape to hold together until dry.
3.     Paint the structure, let dry.
4.     Set the album on a flat surface and turn on the heat gun to across the middle of the album to soften it.
5.     Once it’s soft, bend it sharply in half and place it up against the structure and hold until it cools. Make sure it is centered.
6.     Use Aleene’s® Tacky Double-Stick Sheets to affix the album to the bookend structure.
7.     Now you need to make the bookend flush with the wall. Use the heat gun to soften one of the sides, and then cut with scissors to remove excess.
8.     Use the smallest size Tacky Dots to add small gems all over the album.
9.     Repeat process to make a second bookend.

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