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DIA DE LOS MUERTOS Mini-Silkscreen Party Favors

Dia de los Muertos is November 1st and 2nd and party planning is already in heavy action! If you’re looking for a super cool party favor to hand out to your guests, I have the perfect idea!


Think about it, everyone can take home a mini-DIY kit and can celebrate Dia de los Muertos in their own artful way with their own cutemini-screen. To make it even easier for you, I’m including printable graphics that you can download to use (for personal use only).


Screenprint machine
Crafty Chica’s Dia de los Muertos Skull Pattern Printable (for personal use only)
Crafty Chica’s Printable labels
Fabric swatches
Mini-tubes of Tulip Fabric Soft Paint

Burn the design on the screen according to manufacturer’s directions. (I have a video tutorial here)

Print and cut your labels, get the bags and paint ready.
Cut up the images, make sure to leave a border around the edges for them to add paint.

If you want, you can print a sample on a fabric swatch OR you can insert a blank swatch so they can do it themselves later.

Put all the goodies in the bag, you can also add a little paper with directions if you want. Let them know to rinse their screen after each use so they can use it over and over on fabric, paper, lots of other surfaces too!

Put them all together in a bowl! You can have a silkscreen activity at your party, or they can take them to go. IDEA: You can do this same concept for all kinds of events and parties. Maybe burn a silhouette of your party guest, or a name, etc. The screen is big enough that you can cut out multiple designs.

Glittered Papel Picado Pumpkins

My Day at Nestlé HQ: Dia de Los Muertos!


4 thoughts on “DIA DE LOS MUERTOS Mini-Silkscreen Party Favors”

  1. this IS AMAZING~! i can’t b elieve you don’t have more comments on this! I found this through Pinterest…I love screen printing and the little images are so stinking cute! Thanks a milllion for these!

  2. Hey CraftyChica thanks for sharing. I’m a school teacher and found some of your ideas that I can use in my classroom to introduce Dia de los Muertos celebrations. Thanks a bunch!


  3. amazing! thanks for sharing and I loved the youtube tutorial as well! 🙂 now to ponder about purchasing the tulipscreenit *gasp*. I LOVE the idea!!! Thanks Kathy (alethea from singapore)


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