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DIY Earring Display Stand (No screen!)

With art vending season in full-swing, I’ve been looking for a cool, compact way to display my earrings.

My criteria:
– It had to show off my earrings (which are large and chunky).
– It had to hold a lot of earrings!
– It had to be compact and lightweight, and portable enough to fit in my big rollie suitcase.

I didn’t want to do the usual screened frame version (due to space!), but I didn’t have a better idea so…a screened frame it was. So I went to Target to look for screen*, and lo and behold – I found this standing chandelier lamp on clearance. Can you say score?

The lamp: Before. I removed the plastic along the top of the ridge before removing the bead strands.


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I swooped that baby up, snipped off the bead strands, covered the light fixture with shiny paper and cut off the cord. My new earring stand is now ready to rock the fiestas!

– If you can’t find a lamp like this, you can also use a lampshade. Paint it to your liking and poke holes with a pin.
– Maybe a circular spice rack?
– Spray paint an oatmeal box, poke holes and glue to a Lazy Susan.What ideas do you have for a creative earring display?

*You don’t have to use traditional outdoor screen, I use a window sheer!

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