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How to make sugar skull piñatas

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Last week I posted about the DIY Sugar Skull Piñata video I made, and I made a new batch. These are awesome because they are not flat like the kind you see at the sotee, but round and skull-like. I made three of them, here are the first two.
These two were meant to be together. They kept turning into each other, like they were kissing. This gave me the idea to make them a couple.
How to make sugar skull piñatas

How to make sugar skull piñatas: Supplies:

Round paper lantern

Newsprint or magazine paper cut in strips

Paper mache mixture – equal parts flour, water and glue, mixed to a thin pancake-ish texture.

Bowl with paper mache

Craft paint

Party streamers

White craft glue


Masking tape

Thin cardboard (use the packaging from the paper lantern)

Tissue paper in assorted colors


Here are my three piñatas, all ruffled up with party streamer.

How to make sugar skull piñatas

Directions for How to make sugar skull piñatas:

Assemble the paper lantern.

Cut the thin cardboard into a rectangle, about 6″x4″ – this will be the jaw.

Wrap the tape around the lantern veritcal to create flat side of the head.

Use the masking tape to tape the cardboard around the bottom third of the paper lantern, facing forward. Side are flat and the jaw is in the front at the bottom. It should look like a skull.

Dip the paper strips in the paper mache and coat the skull, let dry. Make sure to cover up the hole at the top and bottom.

When it’s dry, add white craft glue in row and apply the party streamer in ruffles. For thinner rows, trim the party streamer in half.

Let dry and decorate the eyes, nose and lips with the tissue paper.


Here is the pink chica. She has that cha-cha vibe going on!

How to make sugar skull piñatas

How to make sugar skull piñatas

I hope you liked this Day of the Dead craft about How to make sugar skull piñatas!

Dia de Los Muertos

This is a 3,000 year-old tradition from Mexico where we honor our loved ones who have passed on. The overall spirit is celebrating the cycle of life. An ofrenda is set up in the home or graveyard and lined with fresh marigolds, sugar skulls, copal and small items representing the soul who passed.

You can read more about Dia de Los Muertos here!

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