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I’m a lefty and am always frustrated with notebooks and journals made for righthanders. Therefore I decided to use my crafty superpowers and create a handy, slim little journal for my purse that is custom made for a southpaw like me! I hope you like my Lefty Clutch Journal tutorial!

In my journal, I used cardstock and printed grey scale empowerment phrases before I bound them into the book. I also glued an envelope to the back cover to hold odds and ends.


You’ll need:
– A cereal box (I like to recycle)
– Aleene’s Tacky Glue Stick
– Scrapbook paper, 3 12″x12″ sheets

– Yarn
– Holepuncher or awl
– Duct tape

Cut your box 14″ wide and 9″ long. Score/fold at 5″, and then at 4″ – next cut the shortest end flap diagonal on each end so it looks like an envelop clasp.

Use your glue stick and cover both sides with scrapbook paper.

Trim the edges with duct tape.

Measure and cut your pages. Score in the center and set inside the book.

Punch two holes and thread the yarn through twice. Tie off at the end. Make sure to pull it taut so your pages will be tight!

NOTE: When it comes to making it right or lefthanded, it depends on how you place your pages with text. Make sure you have them lined up correctly before you bind the book!

Love & light,

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