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Creepy Zombie Luchador!

You usually see me crafting with Maya, but this week, DeAngelo spent some time in the studio. The mission? To create a zombie luchador (wrestler) look with Tulip Body Art paints.

My biggest flaw is I tend to add a lot of girly touches, and he wanted masculine. He’s a huge fan of The Walking Dead and helped talk me through the process of getting the right look for those eyes.

These are the paints I used – I love these, I’ve been using them non-stop for the past year or so.They are creamy, blend-able and ultra bright. To wash them off, you’ll need a scrub towel and soap.


The best tip I have is to sit down and sketch your design. That will save you time from having to wash off your mistakes. There are oodles of luchador mask pictures online that you can use for  inspiration.

Alrighty, watch the video! hope you like it, see it to the end, it’s cute….

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