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4 Must-Have DIY Books for the Holiday!

You know I’m a book lover, as much as I am a crafter. Therefore I get all giddy when I see brilliant crafty titles released on store shelves (literal AND virtual!). These four books I’m sharing today are EXTRA extra special because the authors are all near and dear to my heart, they are by some of my fave DIY friends! Trust me, these are books fit every creative type! Enjoy!

The Big-Ass Book of Bling, by Mark Montano ($19.99, Gallery Books, 384 pages, paperback) Mark’s books are always a delight to have in your home or studio. They are more than just projects to make, he infuses so much of his vibrant personality in each and every paragraph, you can’t help but adore his offerings, style and charm. One thing I’ve always loved about his books is that they definatley live up to their title. Mark’s books are HEAVY with glossy photos, tips, and tutorials. He has a way of taking everyday tossaways, like cardboard scraps and transforming them into stylish faux silver cuffs. There are oodles of wearables and sparkles here! Check out Mark’s site here!    
The Fine Art of Shameless Self Promotion: Masterful Marketing and Bodacious Branding for the Enterprising Entrepreneur By Margot Potter (eBook, 12.99)

Thinking about reinventing your brand and business? This is the book for you! Whether you want a   100% overhaul or just dialing it up a bit to bring in new energy, Margot Potter’s new book is the real deal. Not only are there practical tips, there is also a lot of insider info that Margot learned from her own experiences. Very heartfelt, easy-to-follow and muy motivational. Even after you read this book once, you’ll want to bookmark sections to reread because there is sooo much to take in and learn from. $12.99 is a very affordable investment for all the content she provides! Check out Margot’s site here.

101+ Things to do with Glitter by Momtaz Begum-Hossain ($24.95, Vivays Publishing, 216 pages, paperback)

Hello, you had me at glitter! I met Momtaz years ago here in the interwebs and have been mesmerized by her crafty skills ever since. I was delighted when she invited me to make a couple of the projects for her new book all themed on GLITTER. I received my copy last week and can I just say, this book will make you so happy?  It’s mega-colorful and shows off the benefits of sparkle in every way, shape and form. 101 things to make with glitter? You can’t go wrong! Here is Momtaz’s site! Check out her fabulous DIY wedding here!

Stencil Style 101: More Than 20 Reusable Fashion Stencils with Step-by-Step Project Instructions by Ed Roth ($24.95, Chronicle Books, 64 pages, paper back)

In this sixth installment in Ed’s Stencil1 series, we are served up a collection of patterns and designs to use in fashion DIY projects – from shirts, blouses, pants or totes, you’ll find everything from retro phones to cherries to bow ties. Super cute and very versatile! The front half of the book is packed with colored photos and an array of DIY projects to make the stencils. Add in a gift basket of fabric sprays or markers and this would be a great book for a holiday gift for entry-level crafters as well as the crafty connoisseur. Here is Ed’s site!


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