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DIY Lotion Bars – Kiss Dry Skin Goodbye!


NOTE FROM KATHY: My friend Chloe always has excellent taste and expertise when it comes to beauty and fashion. When the folks at Brambleberry asked if I’d like to try out their lotion bar kits to ward off dry winter skin, I knew Chloe was my go-to chica! I hope you enjoy her review, I know I did! Thank you, Chloe!
Kiss Dry Skin Goodbye!
By Chloe Tatro
Special for CraftyChica.com 
I’ve been using lotion regularly from about the age of 10 … I was a competitive swimmer for eight years and in the pool year round, so lotion was my only ally in warding off dry skin. The only problem was – and is – (there is usually one of those, isn’t there?), I have incredibly sensitive skin, so the wrong amount of fragrance and who knows what else can send my skin on a quick trip to Rashville if I’m not careful.
A few years ago, I actually decided to try and stick to organic skincare products because I was having so many issues with my skin that I almost lost my mind. So I was definitely curious when my Lotion Bar Kit arrived from Bramble Berry® … First of all, could I even make a lotion bar? (That sounded tough!) And secondly, if I made a lotion bar, would my skin hate me if I used it?!
The kit comes with instructions that are super easy to follow, plus all of the ingredients you need, as well as 10 lotion bar push tubes (imagine a push-pop, but with lotion instead of orange sherbet ice cream … yum!).
What surprised me most about making lotion bars was how ridiculously easy it was to make them. Seriously! Just measure out your ingredients, melt them, add fragrance (if you want to) and then pour into the push tubes! Yes, it really is that easy.
Check it out:
Photos by Chloe Tatro.
The instructions give several options for the amount of lotion bars you’d like to make, so I recommend following the measurements suggested in the kit. (Tip: if you’re like me and you have no idea how to measure “ounces,” just look up a conversion to something you are more familiar with on the Internet, i.e., tablespoons.) But here’s the gist of what I did …
1. Melt your beeswax and almond oil in the microwave for about 2 minutes, depending on how powerful your microwave is. I stopped and stirred my ingredients mid-cycle to ensure proper melting.
2. Add your cocoa and shea butters to the melted beeswax and almond oil, then pop back in the microwave for another 2 minutes or less, mixing mid-cycle.
3. Make sure your ingredients have completely melted, then add your fragrance (optional). I used Saffron & Honey for my first batch and Chipotle Caramel with my second batch. Mix thoroughly.
4. Pour melted ingredients into push tubes and let cool for an hour before capping and using. (Ideally, you should melt your ingredients in a microwave-safe container with a spout, like a Pyrex measuring container, but I don’t have one of those so I used a microwave-safe glass bowl then poured into the only glass pitcher I have, which is an antique my aunt gave me. Also not a good idea, as this required more cleanup work in the end … And I hope my future beverages poured from this container don’t taste like lotion bars!)
And that’s it! It’s really as easy as melting, mixing, stirring and pouring.
Now, I’m sure you’re wondering, “Okay, but do they really work?! Do they actually benefit your skin?!”
Don’t worry, I’m not going to leave you hanging! I did in fact, take some of my lotion bar creations to work and handed them out, with strict instructions to report back to me with thoughts after a day of using them.
And I am delighted to report that my lotion bars were actually a big hit, even for those of us with über sensitive skin. We found that the beeswax created what we could really only describe as a protective-type barrier on our skin so that when we washed our hands and put them through other obstacles throughout the day, our hands still stayed smooth and soft because they weren’t stripped of moisture.
My friend and coworker Pattie, who is actually allergic to fragrance and most skin products, found that the Saffron & Honey bars didn’t aggravate her skin at all, nor did the light fragrance … she actually told me she loved my lotion bars and is keeping hers stashed in her purse for everyday use. That’s the best kind of success, isn’t it?! Creating a cool product that also helps people who don’t normally get to enjoy something as simple as a lotion bar … Yay!
You can order your own Lotion Bar Kit and more at www.brambleberry.com.
Even if you don’t win, think of all of the cool handmade gifts you can give your friends and family … I hope everyone in my family knows what they are getting now.
I’m feeling totally inspired (and creatively empowered) after my experience and will definitely be exploring the world of bath and skincare products in the future. I hope you’re feeling a little inspired too!
Happy creating, my friends!
Disclosure: Chloe received free product from Bramble Berry for this review, but review is her own honest opinion.


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