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And the BEST craft project of 2012 is…

Just in case no one has told you this, let me have the honor:

I know you worked hard to make yourself shinier this year, even when there were a lot distractions and challenges to face. Metaphorical spilled paint, a posterboard cut on the finger here and there, maybe even a hot glue burn…You never gave up. You kept the glitter flowing in your life (even one fleck at a time counts) and did your best to move forward in a positive way!

Even during the times when you maybe didn’t gain support you needed or wanted, you still found a way to push through and be the POP on top shelf for all the world to see. You tried new techniques and genres, you dabbled in unfamiliar colors and textures and are now ending 2012 a more beautiful person because of it! Whether you realize it or not, you discovered a new talent within yourself, now it’s time to bring it out and make it work!

It’s December 24th and there’s a chance are you’re a little or a lot stressed about the family gatherings, the cooking, finances, gifts, guests, relationship politics, friends, moods and emotions.  ACK! With all that clutter, it’s easy to forget the foundation of the holiday season – the sentiment. You know? The priceless, yet free stuff: Bringing light to dark. Sending out good energy and wishes to others. Reaching down to find and share the good in your heart.

But I know you are already doing that and plan to take it to the next level in 2013. That makes you wonderful. That makes you loved! You are a gift to all around you, don’t ever forget that, okay?

That is why, in my world, YOU the best craft of 2012!

And the best part? We are all a work-in-progress!

May you have a cheery and magical last week of 2012. Keep that chin up, focus on the things that make you feel happy, notice the sparkle surrounding you. Do your best to stay in that light and bring others with you! You’ll be rewarded, I promise!

Support and shop from artist, Saide Garcia!

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  1. Amazing Cathy!! Bless you for your email post. Sometimes I feel I get lost between my family, work, and my health that I forget to shine. I will continue to spread more glitter in 2013!!


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