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DIY Candy Cane Nails!

Okay, forgive the shakiness in this design – it was my first time using nail art pens, but I liked how they turned out anyway and decided to share the process. I’m going to do more techniques so I’ll get it down pat.

Earlier this fall when I was at the Orlando Women’s Show, I came across a booth that was selling these Migi Nail Art Pen Kits. They are sooo cool and super fun to play with.

One cap is the brush, the other is the pen – which is like a super fine cake tip. You squeeze the paint to make the designs. It takes a bit of practice and it helps that the kit comes with a booklet that has practice sheets and design tutorials.

To make the candy cane design, first paint your nails with a base coat of clear, then two coats of white, let each one dry in between.

Squeeze the pen to create thick stripes on each nail.

Then squeeze it not as tight to make skinny lines between the thicker lines.

When you’re done, they should look something like this. You’ll get better the more you practice, I promise!

Season wrap!

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