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Flocked & Glittered Trees!

I recently came across these cute flocked trees at the craft store and scooped up a few. I knew I’d revamp them, my first thought was to cover them in gems and crystals, but for starters, I went with GLITTER!

Aleene’s Original Tacky Glue
Flocked Trees
Tulip or Crafty Chica Glitter in assorted colors
Flat brush
Paper to catch your glitter overflow

Use the brush to pat glitter around the area. I worked my color in stripes, but you can do blocks, or vertical stripes, anything! Next, pour the glitter over the wet glue, keep going until the whole thing is covered.

Let dry! Do an assortment because they look great grouped together. you can also add a little ribbon to make an ornament to use as a gift tag. They work great in shadowboxes or just by themselves!

Count on Me

Milagro Candle Hostess Gift


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