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Crafty Magic in a Jar

Jar crafts are a main staple of holiday DIY. From snowglobes and shrines to ornaments and belljar arrangements, the ideas are endless. Click here to read my round up on jar crafts I wrote for iLoveToCreate!

Recently at out Phoenix Craft Rave, my co-organizer, Cyndi Coon of LovelyLula.com presented the cutest idea of a “Message in a Bottle Jar.” Check out her designs here.

Message in a bottle/jar collection by Cyndi Coon of LovelyLula.com. Aren’t they adorable?

Here is some video I shot from her table:

I made a jar of my own, but started thinking about making cute gifts to give to crafty friends. So here is my spin on Cyndi’s project – fill it will mini-craft supplies and call it “Crafty Magic in a Jar!” That way the recipient can make a snowglobe, a belljar, a memory jar, whatever they want!

Wouldn’t these be so fun to make for a party? Either you could make them ahead of time or have everything set out like Cyndi did and have people choose. And it is such a great way to recycle old jars and those crafty odds and ends in your workspace. If you’d rather buy the jars already packaged, you can email Cyndi and see if she has any for sale. She has the BEST goodies!!!


Milagro Candle Hostess Gift

New Crafty Chica mugs for sale!


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