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DIY Suitcase Shelves

Photo courtesy of http://www.michellesrubberroom.com

Do you love the look of vintage suitcases? I do too. I had seen them used as end tables and such, but I didn’t have room for end tables. I ended up using them as shelves for our art exhibit we had in 2008. I came across Michelle’s blog post from that year and decided I’m going to hang these babies up in my bedroom!

To do this, you’ll need some L brackets mounted to the wall to anchor the suitcase so they’ll be sturdy. You can also mount a wood shelf, like we did here. Either way, they really add a whimsical touch!

Next time you come across one of these suitcases at a yard sale or flea market, give this idea a try!

Another idea – Hang them so they open like a door and make the inside a shadowbox!


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2 thoughts on “DIY Suitcase Shelves”

  1. Oh My Gosh, Kathy! I think you have just helped me solve a problem with my craft room. There some things I don’t use all of the time, but I don’t want to banish them to the back of a drawer. For me out of sight is out of mind! Putting them on the wall in a suitcase would make them readily available and they would also look good just hanging around. LOVE IT!!

    Leslie 🙂


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