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New crochet scarves!

These scarves are now on sale in my Etsy store! http://craftychica.etsy.com

It’s just about midnight and I finished up five scarves and posted them on Etsy. Crochet is such an awesome craft because it’s so portable, I bring it with me almost everywhere. Either yarn or books. I can never still still without doing something.

I went to JoAnn Stores Saturday to pick up a skein of teal to finish up a scarf and ended buying almost $50 worth of yarn. I felt guilty so I put it all to good use and speed crocheted my way through these scarves.

They are super fun because on each one, I added letter beads and a milagro to give them a theme. There is a “One Love” scarf, plus a “mamacita,” “milagro,” “aventura,” and “artista!”

Once I finished them all, I had to measure and photograph them. It’s a long process from start to finish, but so very satisfying. And warm!

I also add in a strip of sparkle in every scarf, not to mention subtle sparkle too.

Visit my Etsy store to see more pictures! Happy Monday, everyone!


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