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I came up with four fun projects to make for Oscar night! They are featured on iLoveToCreate’s blog!
I’m a huge movie buff. I love movies like little kids love Disneyland. I can never get enough! So you can imagine how thrilled I am for the Oscars!  I don’t exactly throw a huge soiree for the event, but I do like to make small, glittery decorations to enhance the TV watching expereince. Today is Friday, which doesn’t leave much time Sunday. But you can still craft some fun items – I made all of these items off of one trip to Target, and I only spent $15!
 You’ll also need Aleene’s® Double-Stick Tacky Sheet™, Aleene’s® Tacky Dot Singles™, Aleene’s® Tacky Dots™
Project #1: Movie Quote Plates
For this project you’ll need clear plastic plates, Tulip Fashion Glitter and the Sticker Sheets and/or Dots. You’ll need to print out pictures of your favorite actors or actresses. I went with the nominees.

Next, remove one of the sticker sheets and cut to the shape you want on the plate. Peel off the backing and press in place on the plate. Press the picture and quote in place, pour glitter and tap away the excess. Next, add a Tacky Dot on the picture and on the glitter area and  to secure them.
Now you have a cool plate, and it’s easy to make more!

Project #2:  Cupcake Toppers!
These are even easier to make, simply print and cut images of the movie posters and also cut scrapbook paper to match. Sandwich a toothpick between the two layers using Tacky Dots. Insert in your cupcakes!
TIP: You can even use these images to make earrings or other party favors!
 Project #3: Oscar Statuette Chocolate Squares!
To make these, simply buy a bag of Ghiradelli Chcolate Squares, cut glittery scrapbook paper and images to fit. Use a Tacky Dot or glue stick to affix.
Project #4: Prize Badges!
Show your love for your favorite nominee by making a prize ribbon badge. Wear it proudly!

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