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Decoden Phone DIY

Decoden is all the rage these days, and it’s no wonder. It’s muy fun. Bathroom silicone, found objects and any flat surface available = a cool craft project. Decoden is actually a craft from Japan. Deco means decorated and den is a shortened version of denwa, which is cell phone. It’s over-the-top ktisch topped with glitter and color galore. I’ve had several blog posts about it and this is my latest creation!

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I went old school, and decorated an old touchtone phone. I bought this phone for $15 at a local thrift shop. What sold me was the red light that flashes every time it rings. Perfect for my studio. I’ll always be a journalist at heart, I don’t think I can ever go without a land line and handset at my fingertips. That’s why I wanted something really special! Read on to see what I did!

I knew I wanted to trick out this phone but I didn’t know exactly how. Paint? Decoupage? Decoden!! I gathered up all kinds of small found objects – single earring pieces, odds and ends, charms, gems, crystals, etc.

I squirted clear silicone in a cup and added some Crafty Chica Goddess Gold glitter and stirred with a chopstick.

Slather on a thick layer and start pressing in your objects one by one. Try to get them as tight as possible! The silicone will dry clear so all you’ll see if the glitter as the background!

Here is the faceplate. I painted it red, then added Aleene’s Original Tacky Glue, then red glitter and let it dry. Then I mixed up two part resin and coated it. I set it on top of wax paper to cure over night. The next morning, I used a craft knife to slice off any resin overage.

I popped it in place and made sure to add a “crafty hotline” label. I also added Puffy Paint and crystals to frame it.
Here is the end result! I love it and use it faithfully, it fits perfect with my glittered floor!

Resin-coated candy jewelry

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