Easy DIY kids tamborine from @Lowes Ideas Creativas!

I’m a little late with this post, but there is no way I’d go without sharing this project! Last November, the team at Lowes Ideas Creativas invited some DIY bloggers out to Miami to celebrate the launch of the holiday issue of their free do-it-yourself magazine that publishes quarterly. You can subscribe for free HERE.

We started the event with easy projects to make. Three tables were set up with everything we needed to craft. My favorite was this tambourine craft – great and super easy for the kids!

What you need are 10″ clear plastic plant saucers, coat them them spray paint and let dry. Line up the two dishes so the holes meet,  puffy side out.

Another idea: I would spray paint adhesive on the inside and add glitter, let dry and add zip ties and washers. You could also use plastic saucers that are smooth on the bottom and decoupage images from the inside out. Lastly, you could add ribbons hanging down as well!

Then you simply use zipties and washers through those holes.

From there you can paint and decorate at will.

I finished my tamborine and had to throw out a stage pose!

Here is our host, Evette Rios, modeling in front of the sign, but look at the picture behind her, there are several tamborines in a cute basket!

What I love about this idea is that it can easily be adapted for other kids projects, like UFOs, shadowboxes, etc. You can even use these trays as paint dishes if you’re working on a big project!

Special thanks to Lowe’s for inviting me out to this event – it was such a memorable trip and I still think about it all the time!
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