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Button & Crochet Wrist Cuff!

What do you do when you  have just a little bit of yarn left – not enough to really make anything substantial, but too much to toss? You crochet a wrist cuff! I started with 14 chain (this is for an XL bracelet, go 12 for a large; 10, medium, 8 for small), then I triple crocheted on top of that…and I ran out of yarn!
Read on to see how to make on!

Then you want to gather your buttons to choose which ones you want to stitch to your cuff. I had a base of green yarn, so I went with super bright colors of buttons!

Thread a large needle with matching embroidery thread and start at one end. Tie a knot around the middle of the first triple stitch, and then sew on a button (you can also stack them). Keep going all the way down the cuff.

TIPS: You can also stitch on charms or dangly beads. Use a button to close or add a clasp & ring. Want a thinner band? Use a double or single stitch – or thinner yarn.

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