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Lucky Shamrock Jewelry Set

March is my birthday month and I’m happy that it is also St. patrick’s Day – maybe it will bring me good luck! To try and tilt the odds in my favor, I made my very own four leaf clover jewelry set that I’m calling the “Happy Go Lucky” set. Either way, I want to live my life in a happy way, but I welcome all the luck I can, lol.
We have a big box of leather scraps in the garage and that’s what I used to make these pieces. I wanted something heavier than paper, but lighter than clay and I I didn’t have time to sit and wait for airdry clay, etc. Plus, it was cool to work with a different material. It takes a bit of getting used to but I really liked it!

OK, let’s do this!

SUPPLIES: You’ll have to do an image search for “shamrock outline” and print off the shape in different sizes.
– Leather (thinner is better, easier to cut!).
– Sharp scissors or craft knife.
– Bowl of water.
– Gems or buttons to go in the center of the shamrock.
– Jump rings, earring hooks, necklace chain, needle nose pliers.
Transfer the design to the leather using carbon paper or just cut out the shape and trace.
Cut around the shape.
Place in water to soak, about five minutes (until leather is soft). Cut out the shapes, and bend the leaves up to look like a real shamrock, let the pieces dry completely. you can tell because they will go from dark brown to light brown. You can set them in direct sunlight or use a heat gun to speed up the process. They’ll dry in the way that you shaped them!
Use the Fast Grab to attach the jump rings to the back. It’s super thick so the rings will stay in place as you paint the rest of the piece. Paint the front and back with the Soft Paint. Let everything dry.
This is my favorite part, add the Shimmer paint. You have to add a few coats and you have to let them dry in between. You could always apply loose glitter but I didn’t want any loose glitter flakes to get on my skin. Use the glue to add a button or gem in the center.
Or you can use Puffy Paint…
Add the jewelry hardware and you’re all done!
Thanks for reading my project, I hope it brings you lots of luck! Please leave a comment if you like it and please share it with all your friends. Come visit me on my Facebook page too if you want!http://facebook.com/mayainthemoment

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