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Dimensional Doodle Art Frame

I’m a sucker when it comes to picking through the clearance rack. I recently came across some sturdy WIDE wood frames for $2 each. I picked up a few and decided to play with some new techniques! For this look, I used Aleene’s Paper Glaze (dimensional adhesive) – but you could also use Puffy Paint or even Tacky Glue. Add some spray paint, gold leafing, and you have a cute, colorful frame!

Here’s how I did it!

SUPPLIES: Wood frame, Aleene’s Paper Glaze, spray paint, gold leaf pen, Aleene’s Spray-On Glitter Sealer.

Cut the tip from the bottle. What I like is that the tip is super fine, so you get more precision when you draw. Now, make your doodles! You can use chalk to trace a pattern, or freestyle like I did.

Let it dry overnight. The next day it will be cured and ready for paint! At this point, it’s dimensional and you can use your favorite technique to add color and shading. But read on to see the direction I took…

Add splotches of spray paint. I used whatever I had on hand and once they were all together, they just kind worked together! Let dry.

Now it’s time use the gold leafing pen on top of the doodles. HOWEVER – I rubbed in some black paint, then rubbed it off to give a bit of shadow to the doodles. It was a spontaneous thing, so I didn’t get a picture, sorry! Let dry.

This frame, despite all the bright colors and shiny gold accents, needed sparkle. Thank goodness I had a can of Aleene’s Spray-On Sealer! It’s high gloss varnish with micro gold glitter flakes, pretty and not too overpowering!

Thanks for reading, hope you liked it!

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