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Painted Canvas Pillows

I’ve been buying the canvases in packs of 10 at the craft store, my goal is to practice painting on a larger scale, as well as trying out new stencils I cut. I had a few finished that weren’t stunning enough to sell or hang, but I didn’t want to toss them after all that work!

I decided to cut them off the frame and turn them into statement decor pillows. I love how they came out, they are bold and colorful and add a lot of personality wherever they sit. It’s a great way to give them a second chance at being admired. If you don’t want to paint your own, visit your local thrift store and buy some paintings from there. Oh my gosh, I think I want to try that too, lol!

My batch of misfit canvases-turned-pillows were a success, I sold some at a local street fair this weekend! Here’s how to make your own version.

– painted 16×20 canvas (instead of using one on a frame, you can just used primed canvas.)
– pillow stuffing
– 16×16 favbric napkin
– sewing machine or fabric glue
-pinking shears

Remove the canvas from the frame. Set it on the table, place the fabric napkin on top and cut the canvas to fit the same size as the napkin.

Cut evenly all the way around. Do not cut the napkin. The beauty of using a fabric napkin is that it is already hemmed, and the canvas won’t unravel because it’s painted and sealed!

Sew up three and a half sides (back stitch the ends), add the pillow stuffing and sew up to close (back stitch each end). Cut any loose threads. If you want to embellish it further, add trim or gems, glitter, whatever you want!

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