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DIY Faux Beaded Tank

I’m blogging a new project every day to celebrate National Craft Month and am dedicating Tuesdays to tank tops! There are a gazillion ways to decorate them, and we all know spring is the perfect weather. you can pick tanks super cheap at any department store or even the secondhand store too! To kick things off, I’m showing how to get the effect of micro beads – it’s just paint! Seriously!

Read on to see the tutorial!

SUPPLIES: t-shirt form, metallic puffy paint, and a tank top.

The “beads” come from the paint formula. You squeeze a bit, and it forms to a little ball, unlike Puffy Paint, with has a pointy top on top.

As far as my design, I added more space between the balls at the top of the tank, and then made them closer together towards the center. I thought this would give the shirt a slimming effect…

I used two shirt forms because the shirt was so long. I inserted one for the top, and the other for the bottom.

Here it is all finished. Now – don’t touch until it’s completely dry! About two hours!

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