Siempre Selena Tank

March 31st is the anniversary of Selena’s death. I still remember that day like it happened last week, so tragic. But her music, spirit and beauty lives on for multiple generations to enjoy and celebrate. I couldn’t let the month go by without crafting up something in her honor.

Here’s how I made it!

First, I wanted a textured base for the shirt. I dyed, stenciled and glittered away using Tulip goodies!
NOTE: I bought a tank on clearance that had some cute hearts all over!

Then I chose a picture of Selena, enlarged it to 8×10″ and cut a stencil onto watercolor paper. Insert a shirt form so the paint won’t seep through. Next, set down the stencil on the tank, and use black Tulip Fabric Spray. Let dry.

I like that it’s kind of subdued, yet it pops. Underneath are layers of teal dye, gold spray with a doilie accent , hearts, and flowers.

I thought it needed a little more pop, so I glittered the flowers with Tulip Glitter Bond and Tulip Fashion Glitter! Now that I look at it, I think it needs gold fringe, I think Selena would have liked that, she had that gaudy streak which I love! Hmm..I might just add something else.

Here is one of my favorite music videos and songs by Selena. She was so beautiful! Rest in peace, we love you, Selena!


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