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5 Gifts to Make for the Creative Mom


What do you do when you have a lovably eccentric mom who doesn’t exactly fit with the mainstream crowd? She’s artful, a bit edgy, colorful and quirky. Sure you can go the gift card route, but you’ll also need to go above-and-beyond to show her that you “get” her. Make something special for her! Here are five easy projects you can make in in the next few days. If you have any other ideas, please share your links in the comments below.
OK, here we go!

1. Lotion Bars. Whip up a batch of your mom’s favorite, luxurious scent. This is a clever way to entice her to stop, relax and pamper herself! Don’t forget to dress them up in a cute ribbon. She’ll like that!

2. Spiked Handbag. Just because your mom is, well, a mom, doesn’t mean she is wearing housecoats and slippers 24/7! Maybe she is a cool, hipster, punky kinda mami, right? In that case, pick up a pack of studs and make over a handbag like this!


3. Stamped Metal Charms. Is your mom seriously hardcore on the outside, but mushy and sentimental inside? Bring her to tears by stamping an empowering message on a Mexican milagro charm. Choose words of strength or words that are meaningful in your relationship. Relax, it’s easier than you think!


4. Virgin of Guadalupe Glittered Cuff.  If your madre is into MexiBoho style, with a dash of sparkle, stitch up a wrist cuff that will set her apart from the rest. This jewelry piece is better than Jared, people! It’s the Virgin of Guadalupe framed in the zigzag stitch!


5.  “Glory Days” Shadow Box.  Does Mom often say things like, “When I was young, I used to dance all night…” or “My waist was this small…” Find a photo of your mom in all her youthful glory and glue it inside a shadow box.  Let her know that even though she is your mom, you can look into her eyes and see the young woman she once was. That spirit still lives within her! Help your mom reinvent  herself to show the world that she is still here to make her own signature mark! She was, and still is beautiful!

Yarn-Wrapped Bracelets

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