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Eyebrow Drama Galore!

See all that redness? This is right after my threading session and yes, it hurt as bad as it looks! You can still see eyebrow hair carnage on my face. Owww!

Aw, dem brows. I don’t know why, but I always like to take beauty risks the night before big trips. I leave for Los Angeles in the morning, filming a couple videos and demoing tie-dye in Beverly Hills for iLovetoCreate. So what do I do tonight? Go and get my brows threaded. Usually, this is a no-brainer. No problems. I like it better than waxing, and even though I’ve always had a different “threader,” the results have always been impressive.

These are my normal brows. I'm perfectly delighted with them!
These are my normal brows. I’m perfectly delighted with them!

I was already in a funky mood, and I don’t know if that stressful energy manifested physically, but when I sat back in that chair, the lady didn’t even give me a chance to say “I just want the edges cleaned up.” She started chatting about something or other and ayyyye, man, her fingers were flying and whisking that thread sharply across my skin. It hurt so bad (it hasn’t in the past) that I just held on to the chair for dear life. It was done and over with in minutes. I glanced at Maya and she shot me a horrifying-meets-I feel sorry for you-glare. My eyes stinging, I paid the threader and looked in the mirror. Oh, crap. She sculpted them into…

SKINNY arched brows. Cholafied brows! 


Once we got home, Maya whipped out her handy brow kit and studied something or other and then went to work on my brows, trying to fill them in.


No. No. Noooo. Now I had Batman Joker brows. I decided I’m just going to hide behind these chunky glasses all weekend in L.A.


Is it me, or do they look uneven too? This isn’t my first issue with my brows. The night before my WEDDING I decided to get my brows waxed for the very first time. That lady gave me even skinnier brows that the ones I got today. Patrick said as we were reciting our vows, he was thinking, “What the heck happened to her eyebrows?”

And then a few years back, artist Peter Harper asked to make a resin casting of my face. I was supposed to cover all my facial hair with Vaseline and I got so distracted by his charm, that I missed one eyebrow, so the resin stuck to it when he removed the cast and I ended up with one brow smaller than the other. Here’s a video about that.


So tell me, have any of YOU ever had an eyebrow nightmare? How do you fix it? How long until my brows grow out and will they be all stubbly and prickly until then? Oh, life is so hard, right? It’s all good, I’ll live!

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4 thoughts on “Eyebrow Drama Galore!”

  1. I use Browzings by Benefit every day to color mine in/shape them a bit. I thought about doing threading, but now there’s no way!!

    I get mine waxed when I think about it. There was one time when I got mine waxed while on antibiotics and it was that time of month, and a bunch of skin came off. That hurt a lot, and I had a scab for a while.

    P.S. You have an amazing arch to your eyebrows!

  2. The last time I got my brows waxed it took 2 weeks for the redness to go away and for them to heal! Horrible experience. That was over a year ago now and I am still afraid to go get them done again. They sure could use a “clean up” but I don’t even want to mess with that. 🙁 So while I feel your pain, I think your brows look fantastic! Hope you had a great time.

  3. Yeesh! The last time I got my brows waxed, something similar happened when i found that my usual brow guru had moved! I have a great natural arch and the girl skinnified my brows and rounded out the shape even AFTER I told her I liked my brows and just to clean up the fuzzies. I haven’t been back since. :/ At least they grow.


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