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Fabric-covered Mouse Pad

When you attend a lot of business events like I do, the promo swag begins to add up. Sure I love branded mouse pads as much as the next chica, but I also have an overflow of fabric to whittle down from my stash. That’s when my  mind goes to word on finding ways to make good of the excess. Hello fabric-covered mouse pads!

Supplies: Fabric, a mouse pad, scissors and a can of Aleene’s® Crystal Clear Acid Free Tacky Spray™


Iron your fabric to remove and wrinkles or creases. You need your mouse to glide over easily, remember? mousepad2

Generously spray your mouse pad (especially the edges!) with the adhesive. Let it set for a minute until the wet areas turn solid. This is so that when you place your fabric on, the wet area won’t seep through.

Set out your fabric on a smooth surface, the ironing board works perfectly. It needs to have a bit of cushion. Place your sprayed mouse pad on the backside of the fabric and press in place. Give it a good rub with your hands.


Trim the edges and you are good to go!


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