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Floating Paper Earrings

I never get tired of using resin. I love all the different techniques out there, but this is one of my faves because it’s so easy and is just a step above the beginner level. I have ONE Spanosh-language dictionary that I use for craft projects. Only one – I don’t want to destroy any other books, okay?


– Wire frames

This is the resin I used for this project: Ice Resin Jewelers Grade Clear Casting Epoxy Resin 8 oz Kit

– Wax paper

– Duct tape

– Paper

– White glitter

– flat charm for the center of the earring

– Earring hooks, needle nose pliers

Supplies for floating paper earrings.
Supplies for floating paper earrings.

Tear pieces of paper that you want to use. Book pages work best. Make sure they’ll fit inside the wire frame.


Set out the wax paper on top of a flat board. Tape it down so it won’t slide. Tear off a piece of duct tape and use it to line the back of the wire frame, sticky side up.

Mix your resin according to package directions. Stir well!


Use a chopstick or stirrer to add a thin layer of resin inside the frame. Now carefully set down a piece of the paper. It will soak up the resin and become transparent-ish. Sprinkle a bit of glitter around the edges, and if you want, add the charm in the center. Add a TINY bit more of resin, so you get a domed effect.

steps to make the earrings.
Steps to make the earrings.

Let it set overnight until it cures. Some of the resin will spill over, but that’s ok, we used wax paper as the base and the resin doesn’t stick to that. Use needle nose pliers to snap away the excess resin.

Snip away excess.
Snip away excess.

Add your earring hooks and you are ready to go!


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7 thoughts on “Floating Paper Earrings”

  1. Question.. you said you used wax paper as the base, and resin doesn’t stick to that. But, what about the duct tape? Do you peel it off the duct tape? What’s the purpose of the duct tape?
    Thanks for the wonderful tutorial, I think I will try this.

    • It doesn’t stick to duct tape either. I use wax paper to line my work area, and the duct tape to act as the backing to the wire frame while the resin cures. After it cures, you simple peel away the duct tape and snip off any excess that spilled over the edges. Hope this helps!


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