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Six Ways to Sparkle Up Your Life

There are two ways to look at this journey we call life: As a day-to-day routine or as a ginormous opportunity to leave lasting impression. I always go for the latter. I see each of us as a fleck of glitter, one of billions, yet individually shining! But reality is, there are times we feel like life has become dull. Responsibility, finances, family, cleaning the kitchen over and over…it’s easy to forget the big picture of it all. How do you get that spark back?

I have this thing called “shake your snow globe.” Think of when you shake a snow globe and then let out an “oooohhh!” when you see the results – that’s because the sparkle is floating all around and it catches your eye, and is beautiful and magical and poof! All your worries and stress have disappeared. Life is the same way. We  have to shake our own snow globe for the world – and ourselves to see our sparkle!

Here are six ways I’ve come up with to sparkle  up your life – ways to shake your snowglobe, so to say!

1. Make new friends, join a new scene. It’s always good to bring new, positive energy into your life to give you new perspective. Take a class or join a club. Stay connected with the people you click with. Introduce your new friends to your current ones, especially if they are cool people. It is the best feeling in the world to hear people say, “Thank you for introducing me to so-and-so!” Keep in mind, it can also be long distance, find a pen pal! You are spreading the sparkle!

2. Share your talent. Give yourself credit, you have a lot of talent! What are you good at? What makes you happy? Pass it on to others to make them happy too. Don’t think “I’m not good enough.” instead think, “I have a gift and I want to do right by it and make it even better!” The more you get out there, the more confidence you’ll gain! Maybe you survived an emotional life experience, you can share it at a local support group. Maybe you love to collage with vintage postage stamps and blueberry juice dye, there’s a workshop waiting to happen! How about giving a ukulele concert to a senior center or at a family gathering? When you share your talent with others, watch the smiles spread across their faces, it’s happening because of you!

3. Rekindle a romance with something you love. Did you used to read a lot of books? Make killer flower centerpieces? Baked the best cookies on the planet? Going to concerts? Lowrider car shows? Think of that one thing you used to love to do, but because of time and years passing, you had to let it fall to the side. Pick up that hobby and allow yourself to enjoy it again. This is your life, create the time in your schedule and stick with it! When you’re happy, it attracts other happy things. And it lessens the frown lines on your skin, lol.

4. Compliment someone you normally overlook. This is a biggie! For no reason, except to spread positivity, look that clerk in the eye and show appreciation, acknowledgement. People we overlook – many times it can be our mom, dad, best friend, co-worker, etc. It’s like that quote – “Be responsible for the energy you bring.” One positive comment, look, action can make someone’s day. Make it count whenever you can! Hopefully it will inspire them to pass it on to others. And who knows, maybe that night right before they close their eyes for the night, they’ll think of you and thank you for that small gesture. That’s sparkle there!

5. Take care of yourself, outside and inside too. Drink lots of water, exercise, eat healthy those are givens. But you can be the most physically fit person in the world, but if you allow yourself to stress about the small stuff, judge others, compare yourself to others,  or think negative thoughts…well, it kind of cancels the out the other stuff. Think of the big picture before you go to that dark place (we all have them!) and ask yourself how your current attitude will help make your life better. Cuss, smash tiles (for a mosaic project, right?), eat a hunk of cake without a fork (no, I’ve never done that!), go for a run or unleash a one-minute one-sentence rant – get it out of your system and then get back on track! You’ll feel better and look better!

Here's a snow globe I made from my printable!
Here’s a snow globe I made from my printable!

6. Create an affirmation snow globe to always remind you to add sparkle to your life! Buy a blank snowglobe at the craft store and then use this free printable I made to slip inside it. Keep it where you can see it everyday!

Here's a printable that you can use to make your own affirmation snow globe!
Here’s a printable that you can use to make your own affirmation snow globe!

What are other ways to sparkle up your life? Please share your ideas in the comments below! Share the sparkle!

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3 thoughts on “Six Ways to Sparkle Up Your Life”

  1. I love your new site, and your post, “Six Ways to Sparkle Your Life”.
    I was going to send the link to a friend, who is very negative and judgmental, but I think it would defeat the purpose. She could take it as a criticism on her. I better stay off her way, and I hope she finds the sparkle in her life, on her own, as she might resent any suggestions given to her.

    Congratulations on your new site.
    Alberta, Canada


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