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Sprinkles Margarita Cupcakes

When I heard that Sprinkles Cupcakes had a special promotion happening for May, I had to check it out. Their offering? A Margarita Cupcake! Miss Maya and I went to investigate – here is our full report!

Here is the little description… ADULTS ONLY? Really? We giggled at the thought of getting drunk on cupcakes. Sign me up! (Maya is only 20).

We bought a six-pack of the Margarita Cupcakes and were on our way…kind of.

We decided that just in case we didn’t like the Margarita Cupcakes, we better have a back-up plan. So we each bought our favorite (of the moment) tried-and-true Sprinkles confection. Mine is dark chocolate with sprinkles and hers is vanilla with milk chocolate.

The first thing I noticed was that each cupcake is ever-so-lightly dusted with salt grains around the rim of the frosting.

I did the “Take the bottom off and set it on top to make a cupcake sandwich” routine. I went in for that first bite and…this followed…

It’s almost gone. Margarita Cupcake for the win. The moist key-lime cake is infused with a touch of tequila, and the frosting has key lime flavoring to match. The first bite will make you raise your brows because the flavors are so zingy.  But after that, you’re in heaven – it’s tangy, sweet, a teeny bit salty. Nothing is too overpowering, all the flavors blend just right.

Maya was initially hesitant but gave it a try. It wasn’t her favorite Sprinkles cupcake of all-time (that is red velvet), but says it is something you have to try because it is so unique, creative and most of all – FUN! Patrick loved it and scarfed one down with a smile. My son, DeAngelo, automatically assumed they were vanilla and was a bit struck back at first by the tequila in the cake and the salt on the frosting. He didn’t finish the entire cupcake, he is such a dessert traditionalist!

Let’s give Sprinkles ideas for future Latin-themed cupcakes! How about a Mexi-mocha version? Red Chili Chocolate? Flan? What do you think?

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