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Sweet & Salty Margarita Snack Cups

Nothing goes better with tequilafied cocktails than sweet and salty snacks! I found these adorable set of mini-plastic Margarita glasses and thought they would make the perfect snack cups/party favors.

You’ll need to pick up a set at Party City, then buy a pack of Puffy Paint. You’ll also need some salty snack mix, I used Archer Farms TexMex Trail Mix from Target, and sugared fruit slices to put on the glass rims. Separate the stems from the cups and add all kinds of designs using primary colors. You can even use glittered Puffy Paint!

Once they are dry, put them back together and fill with the snack mix. Open the sugared slices, use your scissors to make a tiny snip so you can set one on the rim of each plastic glass. Now set them on the table, one for each person! Don’t forget to have that bag of snack mix ready to refill any empty cups!

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