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Dimensional Shrine Pendants

I swear, I can make a collage in any size of setting. From the top of a bottlecap to a leftover wine crate. In this case, I had a few leftover IceResin kits and bezels from our Crafty Chica Cruise and instead of layering a collage with resin, I decided to build up. First I took the bezel and added a thin layer of Tacky Glue and some Crafty Chica glitter. Let it dry.

This is the resin I used for this project: Ice Resin Jewelers Grade Clear Casting Epoxy Resin 8 oz Kit

Mix your resin. Pour a thin layer into the bezel, let it set for about 30 minutes, then add your objects. Have fun, let them go over the edge and stick out. Once they are set in place, add a little more resin and then use a brush to coat all your objects. You want it to look like all the pieces are coated!




Summer care for your eyes!


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  1. Love the pendants! Just wondering if there is anything that won’t react well with Ice Resin. I’ve had some things react with Diamond Glaze inside bottle caps, like some little metal bits that seemed to corrode and leave a greenish haze around them. I want to embed some plastic and rubber items but am worried what they might do. Are you aware of anything that shouldn’t be placed inside the resin? Thanks!


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