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Fabric Scrap Earrings

Do you ever have little scraps of fabric that you just can’t toss? Here’s a way to make good use of them. Even better, you can sell them or give them as gifts! Turn them into jewelry!


The trick is to add some structure to them. But instead of going into glues and fusible webbing and all that, I found a short cut – Tulip Shimmer Transfer Sheets! These are sheets of glitter that are pressed onto an adhesive backing. You can use them through a die cut machine or freehand cut shapes and most of the time, people apply them as decorations on clothing. I found that they work great as a backing to these earrings!


The first step is to take your fabric scraps and iron the shimmer sheet to the back. Then cut out your shapes. Poke a hole at the top and add your jump ring and hook. I thought mine needed some finish around the edges, so I added Beads in a Bottle dots – they came out so cute!




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