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Faux Flan Soap

This a throwback project from my La Casa Loca book that was published in 2003. wow, that seems like such a long time ago! anyway, my friend Kerith made this for me and the cool factor still holds up after all this time!



  • Clear melt-and-pour soap base
  • White melt-and-pour soap base
  • Round silicone soap mold
  • 2 small glass dishes
  • Brown food coloring
  • Rubbing alcohol in spritz bottle
  • Paper towels
  • Knife
  • Microwave oven
  • Chopstick

Directions: Cut two ounces from the clear and white soap base, chop into small squares. Put them in separate dishes (the white and clear). Start with the clear soap and microwave for 30-second intervals until liquified. Add 3-4 drops of brown coloring to reach a creamy caramel color, and stir with chopstick. Pour 3/8″ into the soap molds. Let cool and spritz with rubbing alcohol. repeat the process for the white soap. Add two drops of brown food coloring to get a very light caramel color. Pour a 5/8″ layer into the molds, let cool. Remove from molds and place on paper doily or cellophane. Heat up leftover clear brown soap until liquified, let cool until a thick skin forms on top. Slowly pour on top of the flan soap so it dribbles down the sides. Let cool and wrap and share!

NOTE: Use extreme caution when working with melt-and-pour soap, it gets VERY hot!

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