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If it’s just a job to you…


I made this little graphic to remind you to always strive to do what you love, even when it comes to workin’ for da man. Just because many of us clock in for 9-5 gigs in order to survive, doesn’t mean we have to be unhappy. If possible, make a plan to work at a company that suits your style – a place where you will be happy and excited to go into work. Don’t settle for a job you hate, you aren’t doing anyone any good. 40 hours a week is a huge chunk of our times and lives, why squander it on a sour puss face?

Sometimes it may mean a cut in pay, but the satisfaction for peace of mind is priceless! I came to this conclusion many years ago when I was an appeals clerk for the city of Phoenix. All day people came into my office MAD because they had just lost their case. I had to inform them of the happy news that in order to appeal, they had to pay some fees. I got screamed at, cussed at and even though most of the time they apologized, it was stressful. I quit that job to work at a company where I made gift baskets. HUNDREDS of gift baskets. It was less pay, but I loved the feeling of selecting the contents for each basket, artfully arranging it, wrapping it, signing the card and shipping it out. It was around then (I was 22), that I vowed to always make a living doing something that would make people happy. From working as a barista to the gift baskets, writing for the newspaper and eventually crafting, it’s a life choice I’ll never regret!None of these were just “jobs” to me, they were adventures and experiences to help round out a colorful life.

I have a friend who is a nurse, and she works long hard hours. She never calls it a job or work, she always says, “I’m off to save lives!” My takeaway from that is to look closely at what you do, and say you can’t exactly leave, how about framing it a different way? Don’t just call it a job, paint a picture that shows how you contribute! “I helped x-amount of people with ______ today!” You get the idea!

It’s never too late to start over, add something new to mix, or at least change your perspective!

If it’s just a job to you, maybe it isn’t the life for you!


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