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Review: Singer One Sewing Machine

The fabulous folks at Singer sent me a Singer One Machine to test out and I’ve been sewing up a storm. I went from an $80. machine to a $7,000. machine to a $75. machine and now this one ($499 retail, but Amazon has it for $229). I’ve experienced the basics to the high-range Cadillacs. This one has the best of both worlds.

This is an electronic machine that offers a gourmet sparkle to a basic sewing machine. If you don’t want to mess with bobbin or needle threading, this machine is one to consider – it does it for you. It has a nice large sewing area, it looks cool and rides smooth and silky. I’ve had it three months now and wanted to wait until I used it a lot to share my feedback. I’ve cranked out a lot of pieces so far and I’m proud to have this piece in my studio. I sew kamikaze style and am not exactly the most gentle fabric handler. This machine keeps up with my enthusiastic pace!

Here is my video review where I share all the features I use most.

VIDEO REVIEW: Singer One Sewing Machine

Click here to see my video review of this machine!

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