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Shibori Tie Dye: Summer Sheets


Here’s how to make shibori tie dye sheets! These summer sheets are so bright and cheery, perfect to fall into after a day of swimming or playing outside.  You can make them in your favorite color combo, or make a rainbow effect. I also added some stenciled designs on the pillows. I put the dye in a spray bottle, it worked great!

Supplies to make shibori tie dye sheets:
White cotton sheets, pre-washed

Tulip One Step 18-Color Tie-Dye Kit

Rubberbands and twine or string
Spray bottle if you are using stencilsLarge tube for shibori effect
Large tube for shibori effect

Directions to make shibori tie dye sheets:

My suggestion is to get at least 6-8 bottles of dye for a queen set. Wrap the damp sheet around a large tube and squish it down so it is tightly gathered. You can secure with twine or rubberbands. Add the dye, and place the tube with the sheet upright so the dye won’t smear. Once it is all covered, cover in plastic and let set for six hours. Rinse in the sink until water runs clear, then wash in the machine in cold water.
Once they are dry, you can work on a flat surface, set down the stencil and using dye in a spray bottle (fine wide mist) spray over the stencil
I LOVE how my shibori tie dye summer sheets turned out!

How to make shibori tie dye summer sheets – I survived this craft! Watch the video here!

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